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About Company

As founder of Riel Tiger Solutions Co., Ltd., Vattey boasts extensive experience leading hundreds of successful advertising projects, encompassing social media management, packaging development, and marketing materials. Her expertise extends beyond commercial endeavors, spearheading initiatives like the GIZ/UNIDO-backed packaging development training for 80 local agricultural processors. Vattey is also a committed leader in community engagement, serving as President of the One Book, One Community campaign and Dream Girls Design Contest.
Company Outline

E2017, Riel Tiger Solutions (RTS) has transcended mere design. Now a marketing and design powerhouse, we propel local businesses through strategic services like impactful branding, e-commerce expertise, and meticulous packaging. Our commitment extends beyond profit, evidenced by empowering 80 agricultural processors through GIZ/UNIDO training. We don't stop there. Beyond traditional design, we craft innovative products, manage high-profile events (Sipar, Japan Embassy), and champion sustainability through immersive eco-tourism. RTS fuels Cambodian businesses and inspires responsible travel, fostering economic growth, environmental protection, and cultural understanding.

What we do?

Crafting a Distinct Visual Language: We don’t just design logos; we create a cohesive visual identity that encompasses your logo, typography, color palette, and imagery, consistently conveying your brand essence across all touchpoints.

Developing Your Voice: We help you find your unique brand voice and messaging that resonates with your target audience, establishing a strong and memorable personality for your business.

Building a Cohesive Foundation: We provide you with a comprehensive brand identity manual that ensures consistent brand representation across all platforms, from marketing materials to social media and beyond.

Beyond Design: We design compelling graphic materials that not only look good but also communicate your message effectively. Whether it’s menus, leaflets, company profiles, or books, we ensure your audience is captivated and engages with your brand.

Crafting The Right Message: We value the right message tailored for your audience. We believe that by creating the right message for the right platform can be a crucial task in succeeding an impactful brand communication.

Professional Expertise: We leverage our state-of-the-art printing technology and experienced team to fulfill all your printing needs, from high-quality flyers and brochures to impactful banners and promotional materials.

Meeting Your Requirements: We offer a wide range of printing options and finishes to perfectly suit your specific budget, timeline, and brand aesthetic.

From Idea to Reality: We partner with you to brainstorm, design, and develop innovative products that stand out from the competition. Our creative and technical expertise ensures functionality, aesthetic appeal, and market success.

Sustainable Solutions: We prioritize eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing processes, crafting products that align with your brand values and environmental consciousness.

Connecting with Nature: We design and organize tours that explore Cambodia’s stunning natural landscapes, from verdant jungles to pristine beaches, offering hands-on experiences and opportunities to learn about biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Engaging Local Communities: We collaborate with local communities to provide authentic cultural experiences and promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and residents.

About Chairman

Vattey is the founder of Riel Tiger Solutions, a packaging and branding company that works closely with various customers, SMEs and other leaders of businesses. Through her company, She had raised the clients' income up to 60% after they improved their product packaging and branding. Her imaginative fashion design, modern art, logos design, product packaging design as well as visual arts are known to numerous businesses nationwide. She graduated from the Royal University of Fine Arts, a leading tertiary institution for arts in Cambodia and the Japanese institute with a degree in interior design.

Her personal motto is to improve the quality of life amongst the people in Cambodia through arts.

Our Mission

Empowering Through Expertise

We arm our clients with the most practical, effective, and advanced marketing tools, ensuring they conquer their goals with confidence.

Nurturing Cultural Roots

We believe success doesn’t come at the cost of identity. We infuse Cambodian culture into every campaign, celebrating heritage while propelling businesses towards the future.

Championing Sustainability

We weave responsible practices into the fabric of our work, ensuring environmental well-being alongside economic growth. Sustainability isn’t just a tagline; it’s a sacred oath we whisper to the earth.

Promoting Responsible Travel

We design immersive experiences that connect visitors to the soul of Cambodia, fostering respect and understanding. Responsible travel becomes the bridge between cultures, leaving footprints on hearts, not landscapes.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for thriving Cambodian businesses in a globalized world, where creativity, innovation, and sustainability empower local communities and inspire responsible travel..

Our Customers Agreement:

Our Customers:
1- Serge Comtesse Brand
2- ABHC Center
3- Vinnisimo
4- Le Sourire Dentail
5- Deloitte Tohmaysu Japan
6- Japan Embassy in Cambodia
7- Café today
8- Anakot Asia
9- 21+ Regenerative Clinic
10- Vform Design and construction …